Seaming a knitted pillow together

Woo! I weaved three sides of my 4 pointed star pillow today. On a good day, I don’t like to weave my seams together. Fluffy yarn and diagonal seams did not warm my heart to this task today. Yet, it is done! I didn’t even dip into our port stash. I feel very proud. Next up (tomorrow … for tomorrow will be a better day), making the pillow insert. I plan to make the insert a little bit bigger than the knitted pillow, allowing for stretch of the knitted stitches. (I learned this lesson from a pillow gone wrong).

Other projects on the table: Sleeves for a Striped Woman’s sweater, XandO baby blanket, design of a shawl, and design of a fabric postboard

All my pride is going to wash down the drain when my sister calls me and asks me how the Disney plans are coming along. Um, right. I’ll get right on that. =)

First things first. Time to play with Jake, my 3-year-old golden retriever.


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