Worth the Wait and the Pain

We waited 42 weeks and 2 days before Elizabeth finally made her grand entrance.

Though I had hoped for a natural birth at a birth center, things did not go according to plan. Elly didn’t want to come the traditional way. It took an induction at the hospital, hours of natural labor followed by hours of “encouraged labor” with the help of pitocin, a few hours of pushing (for a total of 25 hours of labor) and a c-section to drag Elly out of her comfy home. We heard her screaming her displeasure at being brought into this world before we saw her. I further endured a minor complication after the surgery along with a whole lot of pain.

Still it was worth it. We have our Elly.

Even the lack of sleep, the feeling of being overwhelmed, and moments of frustration can’t keep me from swooning every time she smiles.

Can you blame me?


13 thoughts on “Worth the Wait and the Pain

  1. What a beautiful little daughter you have. I’m so happy her smiles are gladdening your heart and assuaging the ordeal. She couldn’t be sweeter!

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