Pillow lining

The pillow lining is making its way through the wash right now. I tested it in the knitted pillow and it fits like a charm! Since I’m having leftovers for dinner, I should have the pillow completed tonight. I’m always looking for a mindless project to do while the baseball games are on. (Go Phillies!) This should fit the bill.

The only trouble is – my camera is on the fritz. I managed to take a pic of the pillow lining as you can see, but I lost the rest of the pics I took earlier today. I really wanted to post a pic of my golden retriever. He is so handsome. =) I hope to have better luck later. If not, I’m stealing my husband’s camera from him.

Pillow Lining

I even made some progress with my hedge today. I’ll estimate that it is 75% completed. My speedy progress is mostly attributed to my neighbor’s kindness. He let me borrow his heavy-duty pruners. It makes mean work of the hedge! I think I have to get me a pair. I would hate to be the neighbor that never returns the tools. What is that show where they chatted about that problem? Tool Shop? I can’t remember.


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