Dress Update, Final Days

A small celebration, by way of a trip to Friendlys, took place this weekend in honor of Elly’s dress being completed.

No sooner had it been completed, I turned my attention to my own dress. Thankfully, it’s a much easier dress to construct.

Or rather, all the fiddly details, like the steel boning, have already been completed. All that is left to be done is add a zipper, install the bodice lining and hem the dress.

Unfortunately, sickness is slowing down my progress. Elly hasn’t been sleeping well and the night is when I usually get most of my sewing work done.

Tomorrow Elly will go play at a friend’s house and I will get 3 hours of uninterrupted time. Here’s hoping it’s all I need.

(Full details of Elly’s dress as well as my own will be published after the wedding).


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