The Shawl that Will Never be Finished

9 stitches were cast on to begin this shawl.

3 years later, it is only halfway complete. It takes me about a half an hour just to knit one round, since there are now 576 stitches on the needle.

The current band I am knitting is a sea of stockinette stitch. In other words, it is dreadfully boring. On the plus side, it was easy to pick back up after not knitting on it for over a year.

Maybe I’ll finish it before she gets married. (hysterical laughter) 

Sunday Snapshots (of a romantic pathway)

There is nothing more romantic and magical than a pathway lined with trees and shaded by the tree’s canopy. The print that hangs over our mantle is a picture of just such a pathway.

When I first found the print, I cried. It was so beautiful.

Today, I found such a pathway.

It was in a development where our friends live. It was the path we took to reach the playground. While Elly and the other kids raced to the monkey bars, I took pictures of romantic surroundings.