Ribbon Storage

I’ve thrown them in a drawer. I’ve stacked them on a table. I’ve bought plastic containers to hold them only to have the containers break when dropped.

Nothing worked for very long. All the solutions tried either ended taking up precious counter space or were hidden away where I couldn’t see them.

So, when I saw the Cottage Home’s ribbon holder tutorial, I flipped and promptly asked Dan to build me something just like it.

And he did.

No supplies were purchased. He just used what we had on hand: 1 dowel, 1 scrap piece of wood, 1 crystal door knob and some nails.

It’s not as pretty as the one featured on the Cottage Home blog, but it suits me fine. Plus, there is room for growth. Or rather there is room for me to unearth all the ribbon stashed in drawers and add them to the ribbon holder. I just need to accumulate more spools or use up the ribbon on display, whichever comes first.