Sunday Snapshots (of spraying turtles)

These pictures are from our visit to New York City last weekend. These turtles were in a playground found in the middle of a public park close to where Elly’s Aunt and Uncle live.

In NYC, there is always somebody to play with at the local playgrounds.

Not so in Pottstown. It’s a 50/50 shot as to whether somebody will be at the playground or not. With Elly being 2, the shine has worn off of the playground. It’s no fun if nobody is there to play with her.

Elly’s uncle asked if we would ever move to NYC and the answer is no. We bought this house with the intention that we would die here. Yet, there are perks to NYC, such as lots of playmates, endless variety of great food and, of course the most important, family close by that we love.

But, we’ll stay here. Here is home. Home is good.


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