Hand Sewing Replaces Knitting

It’s been 2 weeks since I finished Elly’s skirt. I haven’t knit a single thing since then. Despite reminding myself repeatedly that I need to rummage through my yarn to find something that will compliment the brown wool I plan to knit into a skirt for myself, I haven’t done that either.

All my once free time that I used to sneak in a little knitting has been used to hand sew the underlining to the purple taffeta fabric.

It’s also been used to hand stitch accessories to Elly’s dress.

There is only 1 month left before my sister-in-law’s wedding. It’s officially crunch time.

All knitting and home decorator projects have been placed on hold. Sewing Elly’s dress as well as my own has taken front and center stage. Though right now we are eating home-cooked meals, that may change as the day of the wedding draws near. I’m determined to finish these dresses. Bound and determined.


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