Love for the Secretary Desk

My best friend got her secretary desk first. She related the whole story to me. She told me where she bought it, how much it cost, how she called her husband at work and excitedly prattled the details off to him and how she managed to get it home. Mostly, she went on and on about how it single handily organized all her bills and other paperwork. She was so giddy about it.

I was happy for her, but I did think she was a bit over the top. (Love ya, V!). I mean it was just a desk, right?

Then, I fell in love with a secretary desk. Now I understand all the fuss. I LOVE this desk. It’s amazing.

For the first time since we moved into this house 7 years ago, I finally have a place where I can store and easily access my extensive collection of cards, stationery and writing utensils, including my calligraphy pens and ink.

Before when I wanted to write a letter, I had to pull all my supplies out of the dining room hutch, lay them out on the dining table (for that was the only free surface), write my letters and then pack everything back up into the hutch. It worked. It just wasn’t fun.

Now, take a look.

My cards, stationery and even scrapbooking supplies are organized. Oh, how I love all the little dividers that are built right into the desk. It’s an organizers dream come true. I need more of these desks.

So, of course, my best friend was right.


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