Stripes in the Dining Room

Dan vetoed beadboard wainscoting.

Source: CTMLS, Inc










Searching for ideas on how to decorate the dining room, I fell in love with this striped idea.

Source: The Family Handyman












Can you picture stripes of yellow, olive green and orange in our dining room?

With Elly’s help, I was able to try out the idea in crayons.

The green fabric is what I’m using to slip cover the two wing back chairs in the adjacent living room. The fun and vibrant fabric will be curtains for both the dining room and the adjacent living room. Isn’t it great? I have become a fan of bright and cheerful colors. I can’t help myself.

Oddly enough, Dan is not opposed to my new plan. He thinks I’m nuts, because painting stripes is a whole lot harder than just painting it all one color. He is also slightly concerned about me adding green back to the walls when it had taken us so long to get rid of all the green in each room. The original homeowner must have loved green. It was everywhere. It’s still the dominant color in the basement.

I refuse to worry about a few green stripes taking over our house. Besides, I’m just giddy to begin painting another room. This house is starting to feel like our home and not the old home of the Elliott household.


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