3 Down and 13 Inches Left

The 3rd hexagon was completed on Sunday.

About halfway through the hexagon, I realized I was going to run out of the Taos yarn. Not wanting to switch yarns in the middle of a hexagon, I ripped all the yarn out of the sample hexagon I had knit when making a gauge.

It was barely enough. I was left with only 13 inches.

More luck came my way during the finishing phase. This time the hexagon lay flat. There was no bubble in the middle as there had been with the previous two hexagons.

See the difference?

Perhaps I had seamed them together wrong. Sure enough, too much of the cast on edge was bunched up in the middle causing the bubble. I only had to rip the seam back 3/4 of the way, match the end of the cast on row with the top stitch of final section knit, ease the fullness of the cast on row and reseam. They look so much better.

I’ve already cast on for the 4th hexagon. When I get further along, I’ll post pictures. The Noro yarn is just beautiful.


3 thoughts on “3 Down and 13 Inches Left

  1. Your hexagon project is beautiful! And I really like the home decorating posts on your blog – I do some sewing too and I love seeing others’ ideas. I really like the striped wainscoting that you sketched out.

    1. Thank you so much! The hexagon blanket is a Barbara Walker project.
      I thought I would sleep on the striped wainscoting idea just to see if I changed my mind. But, I still love it. Hopefully, I’ll be blogging about my progress soon.

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