Chalkboard Fun

Elly loves chalk. True, it’s partly because she has acquired a taste for it, but it’s also because it can be erased easily, providing endless hours of drawing or at least a solid 10 minutes.

So when Elly drew on the newly painted attic door with permanent marker, I decided to repaint it using chalkboard paint.

Now when she gets tired of helping me cook, she can draw.

Because I needed a place to jot menu ideas as well as items to be added to the grocery list, I made a miniature chalkboard for me too.

Total cost for both – $12.25
Chalkboard paint from Walmart – $10
Frame from Memories n More, local consignment store – $2
Yellow paint – from stash
Acrylic coat over yellow paint – also from stash (and to think I was going to throw out all my paint because I hadn’t used it in over a year)
Chalk from Walmart – 25 cents

2 chalkboards just means more happiness in my turquoise kitchen!