Casting on for the Final Hexagon in


Noro won the poll last week.

I have more than enough of the Noro to finish the blanket. I’m not sure I would have enough of either of the handspun. So, it works out. I wouldn’t want to get halfway through the last hexagon and realize that I have to reknit it. Not only is the warm weather almost here (It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this week), but my hands have been hurting after just a few rows of knitting. I’m powering through this blanket to get it finished, but I might take a small break afterwards.

The small break would give me the time needed to sew up the seams and weave in all the loose ends.

Trashing the Old Curtains

Goodbye formal pinch pleated curtains in a much too dark and too floral fabric.

Though the rods were trashed quite quickly because they were falling apart, the frugal side of me couldn’t bear to part with the Waverly fabric. It has been washed and added to my fabric stash.

Hello sheer curtains.

They are simple rod pocket curtains with a 1 inch header. This style can be purchased from Target for a few bucks. So, why did I purchase 15 yards of organza from It wasn’t to save money. The price of my fabric was comparable to the ready-made drapes. No, I opted to sew curtains so I could get exactly what I wanted.

Case in point, I didn’t want curtains to open in the middle of these windows. Rather, I wanted the curtains to be one continuous panel that could easily be pulled to one side and out of the way of the AC or the incoming breeze.

It does feel a bit formal which concerns me because Dan and I are so not formal people. It takes a momentous effort every Sunday to get us out of our pajamas. You do that too, right?

The fact that I love everything else about the curtains keeps me from getting the feeling that I am living in a stuffy magazine. The shine of the fabric, the ability to see right through the fabric and the oodles of sunshine pouring through the fabric makes me smile and twirl in delight!

This isn’t the complete window treatment for the living room. Come winter we will need another layer of heavy home decorator fabric to block out the cold, but I have yet to fall in love with a fabric. I was trying out the square of yellow fabric that you can see taped to the mantle, but I don’t think it’s quite right.

Of course, I still have the large picture window in the living room to make sheer curtains for, but I couldn’t resist showing off what I’ve already accomplished. Plus, I have to boast that I hung the hardware for the curtains to the right of the mantle. It’s the first time I have done so. Dan has always done it. But after waiting 2 evenings for Dan to hang the hardware for the right curtain, I just couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted it up now. Tell me, my side looks better, right? grin.

Ready, Set, Knit!

Today is the Knitting Marathon.

My goal is to finish knitting the hexagon I started working on 2 days ago. If I succeed, it will leave me with only the last hexagon left to knit. Unfortunately, I am still unsure which yarn to use in the last hexagon. The poll I put on my blog is virtually tied. Here I was hoping you would make my decision easier, dear readers. Ha, ha!

Since Elly’s favorite thing to do with yarn is to rip it apart and wrap it around her body, I’ll be doing my best to keep her preoccupied.

In the morning, we’re headed to our local McDonald with the Mom’s Club of Pottstown. In the afternoon, I plan to make full use of my Disney movie collection as the forecast is calling for rain. With a little luck, she’ll be too busy having fun to care about what her Mama’s doing.

A Week with Elly

As promised, “A Week with Elly” will be published weekly. Enjoy watching the funny things she does; we sure do!

First, she piled all her toys up next to and on top of Daddy. Then, she climbed up next to him and watched TV together.

Running after the kite that Daddy was trying to fly (not enough wind).

Building a sand castle in her sandbox. She prefers wet sand to dry.

Elly struggled to hit a croquet ball the typical way, so she opted to whack it like a mole.

“Hello, Mama Bird, are you home?” asked Elly while she knocked on the tree with a rock.

Because standing in front of a table filled with water is not nearly as much fun as sitting in a pool of water.

Yes, she climbed up here all by herself to sit in her chair. And ever was she proud!

Getting Serious About Knitting

My goal is to complete the hexagon blanket in 3 weeks. Well, just the knitting portion; I’m giving myself a whole month to seam all the hexagonal pieces together.

I have 2 1/3 hexagons left to knit. The dwindling supply of yarn had me feeling anxious, so I took a road trip yesterday with Elly and my neighbor to my LYS, Yarn Gallery. While Elly snuggled with the resident dog, the owner found yarn to match my dye lot. What luck!

To aid me in my knitting goal, I’ll be joining Cheryl Marie of in a Knitting Marathon on April 25th. I won’t be dedicating as many hours to knitting as Cheryl Marie because I’ll have Elly by my side, but I hope to make a serious dent in the remaining hexagons all the same. Elly should enjoy her movie time if nothing else.

If you have any unfinished knitting projects that you too are desperate to finish, you should join us!

Redecorating for Free

Mantle before

Long have I wanted to take down that oversized mirror. The main thing that gets reflected in the mirror is the ceiling. It looks ridiculous. Yet, I’m pretty sure I will have to paint the wall once it comes down and I’m just not ready to tackle another paint job.
Instead, I took one of my favorite paintings down in the dining room since it won’t go well with my new striped color scheme and leaned it up against the mirror.

Mantle after

I love the painting over the mantle! It blocks the majority of the ceiling view. It’s big enough to demand attention and not get swallowed up by the fireplace. The light brown border even complements the brick work. Why I might never take it down.

Dining room before

After moving the large painting to the mantle, the dining room walls looked stark. So, I went shopping in the guest bedroom and living room for more artwork.

Dining room after

The Peale Family used to hang in the guest bedroom. I’m not sure why I never tried hanging it in the dining room before. It fits better here. The Peale Family is gathered around their dining table. It only seems right to hang it next to our dining table. Did you notice that the Peales have a red-headed daughter too?

To fill the remaining walls in the dining room, I gathered up my entire angel collection and hung them in small groups.

The wall over the hutch could stand to have a few more angels, which is just a lovely excuse to go visit my favorite thrift store in town.

5 Years to Paint 1 Dresser

Maybe it was 6 years. I don’t recall when I started this project. All I know is that I became dreadfully bored with painting the dresser white and found a million projects to keep me busy instead. So, the dresser looked like this for at least 5 years.

It might have stayed like this forever if Dan hadn’t teased me about it.

Even after pulling all the drawers out and moving the dresser downstairs, I had to give myself more than one pep talk to knock the priming and painting out.

I just don’t like painting things white. Give me turquoise or red and I’ll jump for joy, but white bores me. After a while, it even depresses me. It’s no fun at all.

And to think I have several doors and radiator covers that need to be painted white. I hope it will take me considerably less time to finish them all.

Do you have any home DIY projects that you are dragging your feet over? Do share!

A Week with Elly

Since Elly has been left out of my recent posts about knitting and painting, I decided she deserved a post all to herself.

Sculpting a bird’s nest with 2 eggs (because she had just watched a Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That Nest Best Thing episode where Sally and Nick learn how to make a robin’s nest)

Leading her scooter down the sidewalk (still learning how to ride it)

the swings are back at the Spruce Park! (as you can see in the background, they were hanging them while we were there)

On High Street in Pottstown, a row of sidewalk is missing. Elly has to stop to play with the rocks every single time.

I hope to make this a weekly event. It seems silly that I take a billion pictures of Elly and only a handful of people ever get to see them. Call it my brag book if you will.

Too Many Projects

When I told Dan about my desire to paint the kitchen walls orange, he laughed at me and told me I had too many projects. Maybe he is right. Here is my current to-do list.

1. Sew a party dress for Elly and me – deadline Sept 22nd

2. Plant tomatoes, zucchini and more carrots in my vegetable garden – deadline Mother’s Day

3. Paint stripes in the dining room – deadline asap because the carpet is falling apart which is no surprise since it is probably 50 years old

4. Paint the door white in the dining room – asap – see above

5. Paint the rad cover white in the dining room – not essential as the radiator can just sit bare

6. Finish knitting the hexagon blanket before the weather gets warm – approx May 15th deadline

7. Sew sheer curtains for the dining room and living room – deadline Thanksgiving Day

8. Sew slip covers for the wing back chairs – deadline Thanksgiving Day

What’s on your to-do list?