Scrapbook made by a Lazy Person

I love scrapbooking but, I’m lazy. I don’t use fancy paper, pretty stickers or even photos. My scrapbooks are filled with little pieces of paper that would otherwise be stuffed in a drawer or thrown in the trash.

It’s the same way my Grandmother made a scrapbook when she was a young woman. Her simple scrapbook is a family treasure now. Maybe one day the scrapbooks I made will be treasured by the younger generation.

At least, they will get a kick out of how we pay for things. (My grandmother had movie tickets costing a quarter!).

The only drawback to making a scrapbook the lazy way is that it has become increasingly hard to find an old-fashioned scrapbook filled with heavy, white, blank paper.The craft stores only sell the kind that has a handful of top-loading sheet protectors.


One thought on “Scrapbook made by a Lazy Person

  1. I enjoy making scrap books this way as well. Although sometimes I will add pictures for some variety. You may be able to find books like you are looking for at Barnes and Noble. That is where I’ve had success in the past.

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