A Year in Pictures

Elly is 2 years old today.

Elly started this year off in babyhood and somewhere along the way she grew up and became a sweet little girl. I’m not sure when exactly it happened.

Thank goodness I took a few hundred pictures.

Shortly after her birthday, we took Elly to Mexico.

She learned to walk and to open sliding glass doors.

We learned to lock sliding glass doors.

A month later and Elly could be found outside in the yard with Mommy helping with the spring cleaning.

At 14 months, she started being able to reach things we didn’t think she would be able to reach for months (hopefully years).

Case in point, she was thrilled to be able to reach her favorite food, Cheerios, and pour them all around her.

Thanks to Jake, she loved to put sticks and rocks in her mouth. See this pretty picture of her?

She has a rock in her mouth.
I would love to report that she has grown out of this stage, but alas no. She still loves the feel of rocks in her mouth. At least she no longer tries to chew on sticks like Jake.

At 15 months old, Elly fell in love with the local playgrounds thanks in part to watching older kids.

The swing remains her favorite part about the playgrounds.

Summer had arrived by the time Elly was 16 months old. After seeing a water table at a friend’s birthday party, we knew we had to get Elly one.

It was great until she learned how to climb on top of it a short month later.

Parties dominated her 17th month.
Get-together at Granny’s house:

July 4th party at home:

When Elly was 1.5 years old, Dan went to Las Vegas with the boys. (No questions were asked upon his return. grin). Granny stayed with us for a few days and we had a great time.

We took Elly to the local Weavers Orchard where she got to feed the animals.

At 19 months old, I introduced Elly to play dough.

I don’t know why I waited so long. It’s still one of her favorite craft activities.

At 20 months old, we hosted our 2nd annual Apple Festival. (We hope to make this a tradition).

(Poor Elly had smacked her head on the marble floors at the local mall a day before).

Days before Halloween, it snowed!

Last year, she thought the snow was too cold. This year, she loved it.

And on Halloween, we dressed Elly up as Stitch though we did not take her trick-or-treating. She was sick.

At 21 months old, Elly was fascinated with Fall clean-up.

Oh, how she loved playing in the leaves!

But perhaps not as much as she loved playing with her Uncle Matt at Thanksgiving!

In December, Elly came with us as we attended a wedding of dear friends in Philadelphia and visited Dan’s sister and brother in New York City.

Mike and Arecia’s Wedding
Elly’s 1st trip to NYC

Then, of course, came Christmas. Elly was 22 months old. Though she wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap at the mall, she shouted out everytime she saw him. (She still does. Any old man sporting a full white beard is Santa. Fair warning).

Christmas 2011

In January, Elly (23 months old) overcame her fear of bounce houses.


Happy Birthday, my Poppet. I love you.

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