BSJ Progress

I am at the point in the BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman, Ravelry link and non-Ravelry link) where it stops looking like a half knitted cardigan and starts looking like a yarn blob.

If the designer was anybody but the renowned and respected EZ, I might have my doubts. As it is, I am knitting merrily along.

The closer I get to finishing the jacket, the more sure I am that I will have yarn left over. So, I’ve been brainstorming about what small accessory I could knit out of the extra yarn. I’m leaning towards a garter stitch bonnet. I thought of a scarf, but then thought it might be obnoxious for both the baby (confining) and the mother (easy to lose). Or I could add a hood to the jacket. Any thoughts?

9 thoughts on “BSJ Progress

  1. What do you think about booties? Or a headband? (Do new Mom’s still do that?) You could slightly elasticize it to help it fit – I would go with booties myself, there are so many cute ones out there now!!

  2. I think a traditional baby bonnet is the cutest thing ever on a baby. Booties – speaking from someone who has never had a baby – seem like they would fall off and be fiddily to wear. Cute accessories, though. Hey, maybe even a bib. That way you could take the baby out to lunch and feed them and still have them look snazzy.

  3. I think you’re at the point, in the jacket, when you just gotta have faith in what you’re making. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done! I think a bonnet would be a lovely piece to go with the jacket.

  4. I like the booties that stay on, the ones I always make are here: Someone made them for one of my babies and I’ve been making them ever since. If the baby is a girl, Saarjte’s booties are really cute. The free Mary Janes are nice, too, and both of them stay on. No scarves for babies, they could choke. A matching hat would be good, just a beanie for a boy but the top down bonnet by Hello Kitty is really cute for a girl. The BSJ is looking just like it should, love the colors. On my first one I had the hardest time figuring it out as I was knitting but when it’s done it will just all fall into place.

  5. I just started one of these too! I’m less than 10 rows into it, though. :) I’d go for a hood, if it were me. But I have boys and don’t know a whole lot about bonnets. Booties would be my second choice. Or a matching toque-type hat.


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