Is it Spring Yet?

It feels so close

and yet so far away with the temperature at a chilly 35F. At least it is no longer below freezing.

I can’t wait to start tidying up the garden, trimming the hedges, and deciding what to plant in my veggie garden. I am less enthusiastic about raking up all the seed pods the two Sweet Gum trees have dropped over the winter.

Jake is my cheerleader when it comes to that task. He loves to pick up all the dead sticks that I rake up with the seed pods.


4 thoughts on “Is it Spring Yet?

  1. We have two sweet gums, too. What a mess. And they get stuck in the dogs paws and make them cry. My snowdrops are up but they’re not going to open yet, still too cold. I can’t wait for some warm weather.

  2. If I didn’t know better I would think I am reading my own blog.But I don’t have one)lol. You and I have the same interets. I have a dog like yours….I am a huge baseball fan(Red Sox)…….So I know how you feel about the start of Spring trainingEspecially coming off of a World Series win congratualtions)And the first signs of flowers coming up. I keep peeking too..Daffodils have huge heads on them right now. I have the pattern for BSJ but have yet to attempt it. It looks intimadating. But one of these days…Enjoy the Summa..(Boston accent) lol.

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