Wedding Anniversary Present

It’s exactly what I wanted: a new floor!


On our anniversary (two days before Valentine’s Day), Dan was away on business in Virginia while I stayed home and supervised the installation of our new floor. YES, Dan and I did celebrate our anniversary the proper way with a night out on the town. He even offered to make the long drive back home Thursday night so we could be together on our anniversary. Practical Me told him to not bother. He loves me; that is good enough.

Before I tell you about the long and arduous installation process, I first want to thank everyone who offered their opinion on which floor I should choose for our bathroom. It helped us make the decision. Even Dan read your comments and found the information helpful. Thanks to your warnings, we eliminated the white floor tile immediately. It was difficult deciding between the vinyl fake hardwood and the ceramic tile. We eventually landed on the vinyl for a number of reasons: less of a gap between the bathroom floor and the bathroom floor, softer underfoot (my heel periodically causes me pain when I stand on hard surfaces for any length of time), warmer, counterbalances the cool blue tiles, no worry of cracking or breaking, and I loved the fact that it would blend with the rest of the house.

But, can I tell you about the installation process? What I thought was going to take 4 hours, took all day. This is what the floor looked like at the beginning of the day.

First, the old, rotten plywood was removed with a crowbar.

Then, a thin piece of plywood was placed over the patch in the floor so that everything would be of the same height. Afterwords, he feathered in a compound to smooth the transition between the old linoleum floor and the new plywood.

At 1pm, Gary the installer announced that the installation of the new floor could begin. Mind you that he showed up at 9 am. The next two hours were dedicated to piecing the plywood over top the entire bathroom floor.

The process involved an air compressor to power the staple gun and the nail gun. Jake quickly decided that he did NOT like the noisy contraption. He tried to hide between the couch and the coffee table at first.

After ten minutes, he ascertained that his nook was too close to the machine and moved to the farthest corner of the house he could find.

Poor Jake. He was so happy when the installation was complete and the noisy man left.

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10 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Present

  1. Great choice and it looks terrific. Definitely worth the upheaval!

    My parents did that for many years – for anniversaries they would buy something for the house and that really is the best way to mark the occasion and continue building toward the future.

    Happy anniversary!

  2. I love the floor – good choice! My hubby’s a flooring fitter so I know (probably too much actually) a painful amount about the installation process! So well done for putting up with it – but I’m sure it’s worth it. Happy anniversary too!

    Jo x

  3. I love the floor, I think I am using that for my kitchen, whenever we can afford that…..It is beautiful. I know you and Jake are glad to get back to normal.

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