Christmas Bake-a-thon Continues

These past 2 days have been very productive.

Thanks to the miserable weather, I got a lot of baking done, since I couldn’t rightly go outside and run any errands.

Candy Cane cookies

Buttermilk Sugar Cookies

Coffee Cake
(a Christmas hostess gift)

Maple Pecan Pie
(requested by my Uncle)

I also finished Dan’s knee warmers in time for Christmas! They are downstairs drying after receiving a good washing.

The guest bedroom is mostly ready to receive my father-in-law. At the very least, I have reduced the amount of dust and located the beds under the mountain of pillows.

We have clean clothes. I’m sure all our guests will be appreciative.

All I have left to do tonight is finish the silk tie, but the couch on the way to my craft room is looking awfully tempting.