Publication Announcements

As long as I remember, my Grandmother has been researching the Bible. Around the time that I went off to attend college, she started to write a book on her findings. Years of hard work went into this book. 15 years later, the book is finally complete.

Historical Phases of Prophetic Teaching
By Mrs. Evelyn T. Watson (my Grandmother!)

I’m so happy for her! It’s a dream realized at long last.


My announcement pales in comparison. I’ve only been working on this pattern for a few months – not years. Still I am a teensy bit excited about the publication of my most recent design: Something Blue Stole. It features the Gradiance color scheme by The Unique Sheep.

The pictures, which were hidden from view during the designing and knitting phases, can finally be shown off.

Unique Sheep

7 thoughts on “Publication Announcements

  1. You come from a talented family! How impressive and congratulations to you and your grandmother. The stole is quite stunning. The size is unique and the weight/cabling is a nice change from most stoles.

  2. Hi Marie, Two lovely achievements. What fortitude you have inherited. The write up at the book site looks fab too.

    Your shawl looks very comfy and cosy.

    I just figured out how to get to your comments. Have to actually come to your full blog, not just the article. Ah, such a slow learner.


  3. Wow, that is great!! How cool. I can’t think of writing a book. I think your shawl looks just right, especially for this time of year.

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