My New Toy

The last time I bought a new gadget (my treo) was approximately 5 years ago. Truth be told, I didn’t even buy that toy. Dan bought it for me. I’ve had the same cell phone since we signed onto Verizon’s family plan. I don’t even know how long ago that was. It’s older than the Treo. Let’s just say that my cell phone isn’t slim – at all. Plus, it doesn’t flip open and it doesn’t have a camera in it. So, you see the pattern, right? I don’t buy the latest gadget toys. I don’t even know what half of them are for. I spend my mad money on fabric and yarn.

Yet, today I have a new toy to show off to you.

OK. I admit it. I didn’t buy this toy either. Dan did. But, isn’t it pretty?

It’s a Kodak EasyShare digital camera (model Z1275). Dan found it on for $100, refurbished.

As you can see, I’m still trying to figure out how to work the camera. (That picture was a bit blurry).

I did a better job taking a picture of my first completed star block for the Americana quilt.

One might think since I’ve had a whole week to work on this quilt, I might be further along. I would be if I hadn’t detoured. =)

It was my youngest niece’s 5th birthday last week. I tossed all my obligations out the window so I could make her an apron. Pictures of the apron and details of the birthday party will have to wait until Wednesday. In my excitement over the new camera, I forgot to transfer the pictures I took on the old camera. Oops.


7 thoughts on “My New Toy

  1. I absolutely love cloth aprons! I can’t wait to see the one you made for your niece. The new camera will be fun to play with. I’m like you – don’t have a whole lot of tech toys. No ipod, etc.

  2. Hi you! Your quilt star is gorgeous! I have never gone beyond squares, as you can tell by the quilt I gave you two. I miss you. We don’t have a digital camera either, and that is our next “large” purchase, hopefully in the next few weeks.

  3. Good for you. The detail and crispness of the design and seams in the cloth is super. Have fun learning the in and outs of this wonderful toy. Though it seems like a really fine and valuable piece of equipment for a pattern maker and etsy seller. It is so grand when “work” equipment is fun too.

  4. Yay for getting a new camera – it’ll be your new best friend!

    As for your quilt – I have absolutely no knowledge of anything quilt-related, but I will say that it looks very lovely so far!

  5. Oh my gosh, Marie… you poor thing! I’m so sorry you got poison ivy. :( But the scarf is gorgeous- you’ve given me a great idea! :)

    P.S. BTW your pics are amazing- they look professional!

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