Accomplishing Nothing

I was hoping by my next post I would have something … anything! … to show you, but I come to you empty-handed.

The mohair stole is still not finished. I measured it on Friday and it was at 59 inches. I measured it last night and it was only at 60 inches. I thought for sure I knit more than an inch. I think it hates me. However, I do have wonderful news about the mohair. It seems that if you don’t try to fight with it, it self-patterns very nicely. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Christmas Tree Skirt has been frogged and recast on. My gauge was only off .25 of an inch from my swatch, but, oh, what a difference it can make.

Progress on my Alpaca Beaded Shawl is at a snail’s pace now. Each row keeps getting longer and longer as I near the top of the shawl. Plus, every 4th row requires the weaving in of 14 beads. I used to get excited for the bead rows (every 4th row) back when I only had to weave in 4 beads. Now, I get excited every time I finish a beaded row. And when faced with too many beaded rows, I pick up another project.

Let’s not even talk about my Mystery Project and the (lack of) progress on it. I’ve had two people stop by on Ravelry and let me know they’re excited to see what I create. Even my MIL asked me how the project was coming, since I had her running around Maine searching down the missing yarn for it. I am plagued with guilt and still I can’t bring myself to pick the needles back up. I HAVE to finish the stole, shawl, and xmas skirt first. Should I mention that I have wicked thoughts about knitting a scarf for my SIL? Somebody talk some sense into me, would ya?!

The Chili Pepper quilt is still missing its binding. The binding tape is laying on top of the quilt right now, but for some reason it won’t attach itself. Ungrateful thing that it is.

Baby Flick’s quilt still requires more machine quilting before I can stitch the binding on. Of course, I should mention that I haven’t even started to cut out the binding strips. Let’s not even talk about who is going to hand-stitch the binding to the back of the quilt. I’m on a hunt for that little green elf!

The Dining Room Roman Shades are still sitting in the sidelines waiting patiently for me to finish Baby Flick’s quilt.

And to prove it, here is a pic of my sewing room.

What have I accomplished?

I raked all the leaves up.

I stuffed a Pumpkin Man.

I put away our summer clothes and drug out the winter sweaters.

I took Jake to the vet. Poor guy has a double ear infection.

I did knit on the stole, shawl, and tree skirt, but they are mocking me now.


4 thoughts on “Accomplishing Nothing

  1. Oh wow! You did a lot, in my book. Why is it that the one head can get so far ahead of the two hands? Mine always seems to have more ideas than the hands can accomplish – even when forgoing housework, etc.

    Best wishes on seeing progress and releasing guilt.


  2. You sound like me. :) When the little green elf finishes your quilt, can you send him to me? I have some things that need to be done.

  3. Try Otiderm once a week to keep infections away and keeps the ears nice and clean too. We also use it on our indoor cat.

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