Bound Off last night only to Cast On again this morning

I thought I was done with my Mohair Stole. I even laid it out on the dining room table and took a “Before Blocking” picture.

While eating waffles this morning (how happy am I to have a waffle maker again!), I thought about how much I love the stole I made for myself several years ago.
So, I pulled it out and laid it next to the Mohair Stole. It was 15 inches longer! Only then did I try on the Mohair Stole … (I was too excited last night about finishing it to think about such practical issues).

It’s too short.
Mutter …

So, I ripped out the bind-off row this morning over a cup of strong tea and attached the final skein of yarn. I am still trying to find the courage to change the stole from a completed project back to a WIP in Ravelry.

As I’m still mad at it, I don’t plan to pick it back up until tonight’s World Series game.