Borrowing my Husband’s Tie

My husband came home from work yesterday and gave me the funniest look. I don’t know why. Don’t all women wear their husbands ties in the house when they’re not home?

No? Well, they ought to. Ties are great for inspiration. The one I wore yesterday helped me design the schematics for the Christmas Tree skirt. Here’s the proof.

What else did I do when I was supposed to be watching the Phillies playoff games? I was knitting more of the mohair stole, because watching the Phillies play the way they are is depressing. We can’t pitch to save our lives and our hitters are lost in la-la-land. Ung. But enough about that, I was telling you about my mohair stole. It is 40% completed!

Well, I am off to make a pot of chili. It’s still hot as heck here in Pennsylvania, but I’m doing my part to encourage the weather to get cooler. Stew = cold weather. Truly, it feels like we have been living in San Francisco these past 3 days. Every morning, we get a foggy, misty drizzle (I wouldn’t even call it rain) followed by 80+ degree F day. I guess it is better than no rain at all and if the heat would just go away – I’d be happy as a lark or a Jake. =)