Spring Shuffle of Clothes

Our house was built in the 1950s.

Like most homes built back then, there is only 1 closet per room and the closets are super small. No walk-in closets here.

Dan’s side of the closet in our bedroom.

My side of the closet in our bedroom.

It is a mystery to me as to why the closets were built so small back then. Did people not have as many clothes? Did they use armoires? Perhaps, they did what I do.

Every Spring and every Fall, I swap a season’s worth of clothes. Today I packed up all the winter clothes from wool sweaters to fleece jackets to scarves. Then, I unpacked all our summer wear from shorts to bathing suits. It made me so happy to see those clothes. I can’t wait to go swimming again and head down to the Jersey shore.

Since I have been doing this for as long as Dan and I have lived here (8 years), I am used to it and can accomplish it in about an hour. The plus side of doing the swap is that I have a chance to weed out the clothes that didn’t get worn all season. Clothes that don’t get worn for one reason or another get donated. The trash bags in the picture below hold all the donated clothing.

The bins are stored in our cedar closet in the basement. It is another clue that makes me think the original owners did the same clothes shuffle each season.

Since Elly does not have to share her closet with any siblings, I can keep her winter dresses tucked in the back. I still packed up her winter jacket and snowsuit, mainly because I am SO done with winter.