How My Garden Grows

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
How Does Your Garden Grow? 

Perhaps I’ve been reading too many Mother Goose rhymes.

My garden looks like it isn’t growing at all.

It always looks horrible in the Spring. The few seeds that have been planted are still buried under the earth and the warm weather plants, like tomatoes and watermelon, won’t be planted until Mother’s Day.

This year, the garden is actually looking better than normal for at least the garlic is growing.

Like every previous year except the year Elly was born, the vegetable garden has been expanded. A new grow bed was added in front. (We use this model and this model). It will house asparagus, eventually, since asparagus takes a year or two before it produces a good crop.


If all seeds and plants take in my vegetable garden, I will be able to harvest the following: spinach, swiss chard, corn, tomatoes, parsley, basil, peas, zucchini, garlic, two types of mint, blueberries, strawberries, pumpkins, watermelon and a few other herbs.

Elly has asked for broccoli. I might squeeze in one plant just for her.

And to think that I hated gardening 8 years ago. Ha!


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