Orange Furniture

Go on. Admit it. You’re jealous.

Well, maybe orange isn’t for everybody, but it’s definitely for me. I smile every time I walk through the dining room and see it sitting in the corner.

This was one of the colors I was going to use to paint stripes on my dining room wall, but we all remember how that ended. So, this table is my consolation.

It houses all of Elly’s crafts that are allowed upstairs. (The messier crafts like play-doh, paint and glitter are kept in the basement.) Oddly enough, pouring a quarter of a bottle of glue on a paper plate to make a tissue flower is not considered messy in my book.

Elly’s craft table is so bright and cheery now.

When Elly saw it finished, she gasped “It’s beautiful, mama.”

That’s my girl.


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