The Pillow We Made Together

A few months ago, I had bought some fabric markers. A day earlier, Dan had caught Elly trying to color our couch. He had laid down the rule that one could only color on paper. So when I tried to encourage Elly to draw on an old T-shirt of hers with the fabric markers, she refused and spat the rule back at me.

After reading a few posts from the current Kids II (Kids Inspiration Design Series) hosted by Jessica of Me Sew Crazy blog, I was inspired to pull the fabric markers out again.

This time, I let Elly pick out the fabric from my scrap drawer. Pink.

She used several colors to draw squiggly lines. When finished, she informed me it was a witch’s house.

Then, I turned Elly’s drawing into a pillow.

Elly helped a little by pressing the on and off button of the sewing machine. The trick lies in convincing her to only press the on/off button. She desperately wants to press all the other buttons.

The best part is that Elly loves it!
She loves that we made it together.
She loves that her witch’s house is now soft and can be dragged all over the house.
Thank you, Jessica, for inspiring me to pull the fabric markers back out.


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