Not Enough Fabric

Actually, it depends on who you ask as to whether or not I have enough fabric.

Elly will tell you that I have the perfect amount of fabric.

It is just the right amount to snuggle in with 2 baby dolls.

It is not the right amount to back the Dresden quilt with. When I bought the fabric, I based it off the fact that the squares to which the Dresden plates would be appliqued to were to be 25″. Yet, I bought extra fabric to cut the squares out of. There was enough to make 26.5″ squares. Since bigger is better, I cut the maximum square allowed out. It never occurred to me that the backing fabric would not be enough to cover the backside of the enlarged quilt.

But, all is not lost. Plan B was concocted last night. It involves piecing the back together out of the backing fabric, the sashing fabric and some grey fabric I had in my stash. It might even look better than Plan A when finished.

Here’s hoping.

Reupholstered Chairs

After updating the fabric on this chair,

I went a bit nuts with the staple gun and reupholstered two more chairs. I would have done 5 more, but Dan asked for a cease fire.

A recently purchased chair went from sporting a hand embroidered cloth (which was filthy and musty lest you think I lost my mind by removing such a pretty piece of handwork) to sporting a scrap piece of fabric from my stash that really accents the orange grain in the wood.

The captain’s chair in out dining set went from a boring gold to a vibrant mix of orange, black and turquoise. Due to the white background, I wisely added a layer of vinyl overtop.

It was after the captain’s chair that Dan called a cease fire. Mr. Practical reminded me that our dining chairs have seen better days and were slowly falling apart. Perhaps we should replace them first and then I could go to town with the fabric, vinyl and staple gun.
He was right of course, but I lamented having to put down the staple gun. Reupholstering is so much fun!

Fun on MPB Day

Saturday was MPB day. Saturday was also my birthday.

I decided that there was no better way to spend my birthday than hanging out with Peter and people who loved to sew.

Though the day started at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, I opted to meet up with the group at the Brown Cup due to travel time.

They were just sitting down to lunch when I arrived.

After lunch was finished, the group divided into two. Half of the group went straight to Mood. The other half followed Peter to the budget-friendly fabric stores. I went with the latter group as this was my 1st time in the garment district and I wanted the full experience.

The first store Peter took us in was unlike any other fabric store I had ever been in. Bolts of fabric were leaned up against the walls, leaned up against each other and blocking passage way through some of the aisles. Almost nothing had a price tag. There was no air conditioning. A yard stick in hand was used to measure the fabric rather than a ruler anchored to the cutting table. The owner of the store along with his son were present and remarkably friendly. It was overwhelming and amazing. In the midst of it all, I found a cotton embroidered fabric that I couldn’t leave behind.

Here is Elly looking it over later in the day.

Our next stop was Paron Fabrics. Though they had better organization and even AC, I didn’t fall in love with any fabric. However, Peter pulled this fabric out and remarked about its uniqueness.

During the conversation, it occurred to me how wonderful it would look on a bag. I tried to walk out of the store without it, but I knew I would regret it. So, I blame Peter for this purchase.

Next we made a quick stop in a magazine store where most folks perused the sewing magazines; I flipped through some old Trend magazines on Knitwear.

Then, it was on to Mood. At this point, I was slightly disappointed that I hadn’t found any fabric suitable for Elly. So, I headed to the printed cotton section at Mood. I found nothing close to what I was looking for and yet I found exactly what I wanted.

Apparently, it was designed by some well-known designer. I was told the name at the cutting table by the friendly staff member named George who assisted me. But as I’m not up and up on fashion and designers, I neither recognized the name nor cared enough to write it down. George did tease me for buying designer fabric for a 2-year-old. I just loved the colors and the apple motif.

The tour was to continue on to a park, but I and another lady said goodbye here. I was eager to meet back up with family and spend time with them.

It was a wonderful day!
Thank you, Peter!

For complete photos of MPB day of which most are of Peter, see the link below.

MPB Day 2012


Trashing the Old Curtains

Goodbye formal pinch pleated curtains in a much too dark and too floral fabric.

Though the rods were trashed quite quickly because they were falling apart, the frugal side of me couldn’t bear to part with the Waverly fabric. It has been washed and added to my fabric stash.

Hello sheer curtains.

They are simple rod pocket curtains with a 1 inch header. This style can be purchased from Target for a few bucks. So, why did I purchase 15 yards of organza from It wasn’t to save money. The price of my fabric was comparable to the ready-made drapes. No, I opted to sew curtains so I could get exactly what I wanted.

Case in point, I didn’t want curtains to open in the middle of these windows. Rather, I wanted the curtains to be one continuous panel that could easily be pulled to one side and out of the way of the AC or the incoming breeze.

It does feel a bit formal which concerns me because Dan and I are so not formal people. It takes a momentous effort every Sunday to get us out of our pajamas. You do that too, right?

The fact that I love everything else about the curtains keeps me from getting the feeling that I am living in a stuffy magazine. The shine of the fabric, the ability to see right through the fabric and the oodles of sunshine pouring through the fabric makes me smile and twirl in delight!

This isn’t the complete window treatment for the living room. Come winter we will need another layer of heavy home decorator fabric to block out the cold, but I have yet to fall in love with a fabric. I was trying out the square of yellow fabric that you can see taped to the mantle, but I don’t think it’s quite right.

Of course, I still have the large picture window in the living room to make sheer curtains for, but I couldn’t resist showing off what I’ve already accomplished. Plus, I have to boast that I hung the hardware for the curtains to the right of the mantle. It’s the first time I have done so. Dan has always done it. But after waiting 2 evenings for Dan to hang the hardware for the right curtain, I just couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted it up now. Tell me, my side looks better, right? grin.

Fabric for our Party Dresses

Isn’t it beautiful?

I just love it.

The main fabric is an iridescent purple taffeta purchased from

The lace fabric was brought back from our trip to Mexico last year.

Both dresses will be lined with white lining fabric.

Though I had purchased lilac tulle for the underskirt, I am having buyer’s remorse. It might be too much purple. Gold or white tulle might be better. Maybe I should match the tulle to the trim I plan to add to the dresses. Of course, I need to decide on what color trim to add. A trip to my local sewing store is in order. Oh, joy!

Updating Elly’s Toy Chest

I bought this toy chest last year at Memories ‘n More, a local consignment store.

It was my hope that all her toys would fit in it. Ha! Oh the silly dreams we first-time-mothers have.

While searching for curtain fabric, I ran across some red elephant fabric and couldn’t resist buying a yard for Elly’s room. After a brief lesson from Dan on how to use the staple gun, I was off.

Now not only does the toy chest match her red-themed room, but it also matches her nickname (Elly, short for Elizabeth and elephants).

Thanks to Elly’s help yesterday, I have to fit all the toys back into the toy chest. Maybe I’ll take the opportunity to rotate her toys.

Organizing Tons of Fabric

Thanks to my mother-in-law’s generosity and amazing good luck, the guest bedroom/sewing room is in major need of an overhaul. This is the before shot:

The trash bags piled high on the bed are filled with fabric and notions. My MIL received the goldmine from a coworker who was moving to London. She didn’t want to pay the enormous shipping fees to send it overseas and would my MIL want it? “Heck yeah” answered my MIL as would any sane woman answer!

My current system of stacking the fabric in the china cabinet won’t work; there’s not enough room.

Enter plan b.

Plan b involves shuffling the bookcases, buying a new bookcase, and reorganizing my current stash of fabric and notions. It also involves finishing the rag quilt before I open the bags of fabric. I know me. If I open the bags first, Elly might have to wait another year before she sees her quilt.