Again Not a Dress

It’s a good thing that Elly isn’t old enough to understand my promise of making her a dress next. Once again, I got side-tracked.

However, I am getting closer. These are the shorts that Elly will wear underneath the dress I am making for her.

Do you see how her belly folds over her shorts? Giggle.
Her Daddy and I are so proud of her chubbiness.

Pattern: Simplicity 4203
Alterations: none outside of adding a tag – something my new machine did with great ease

Size: 2T
Fabric: cotton purchased from Quilt Generations in Pottstown. Thanks to their huge selection, I had no trouble matching colors to the fabric my best friend brought back from India. I feel so spoiled here in Pottstown having such a great selection of sewing/quilting stores.


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