Headed Back to the Jersey Shore

Since Elly and I had such a wonderful time in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, we are going back as a family.

Well, we are going back to the Jersey shore. Instead of LBI, we will visit Seaside Heights.

You might recognize Seaside Heights as the host town of MTV’s Jersey Shore. The show is not the draw for us.

We love Seaside Heights for the memories. It’s the shore town Dan visited every summer as a kid. It’s where Dan asked me to marry him (and I said yes). It’s the only shore town besides Atlantic City that we’ve ever gone to. It’s our little oasis.

We also love Seaside Heights for the boardwalk. A beach without a boardwalk is just boring. It’s where all the good food, amusement rides and arcades are located.

This will be Elly’s first trip to Seaside Heights. It’s our hope that she’ll fall in love with it too.

My other hope is that I’ll kick this fever and sore throat before we leave Friday morning.

This blog will be silent while I’m away. More pictures than you probably care to see will be published on our return.

Have a great weekend!


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