Baseball Blanket, a new pattern

With Phillies baseball season officially starting tomorrow, it gives me great pleasure to release a baseball knitting project.

A blanket for the baseball enthusiast!

It is an easy and fun project to work on while watching your favorite baseball team. The blanket is knit entirely in garter stitch so you can keep your eye on the ball. Three sections are knit separately and then seamed together to form the shape of a baseball. Shaping is created through simple yarnover increases, k2tog and ssk decreases, cast on rows and bind off rows. The yarnovers also serve as a visual guide of where to put the baseball stitching.

Knit one to take to the game today!

Price: $5.00 USD

This blanket would fit perfectly in a baseball themed nursery too!

I originally designed and knit this blanket because I needed my firstborn child to have a baseball blanket. Dan and I are huge Phillies fans. Of course, our daughter would be a Phillies fan too. Already, she shows great enthusiasm for the game.

Go Phillies!

More information about the pattern can be found here or on Ravelry.

Thank you to Nihart Photography for the beautiful pictures. More of her work can be seen at

2 thoughts on “Baseball Blanket, a new pattern

  1. Thanks for a great design. My brother is seriously ill and I considered knitting him a prayer shawl, but was delighted when I found your pattern on ravelry. Thank you. He liked it!

    1. I’m so glad that your brother liked the baseball blanket and that you enjoyed knitting it for him. Hopefully it brought you both a little comfort during this trying time. May he have a miraculous recovery.

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