Ready, Set, Knit!

Today is the Knitting Marathon.

My goal is to finish knitting the hexagon I started working on 2 days ago. If I succeed, it will leave me with only the last hexagon left to knit. Unfortunately, I am still unsure which yarn to use in the last hexagon. The poll I put on my blog is virtually tied. Here I was hoping you would make my decision easier, dear readers. Ha, ha!

Since Elly’s favorite thing to do with yarn is to rip it apart and wrap it around her body, I’ll be doing my best to keep her preoccupied.

In the morning, we’re headed to our local McDonald with the Mom’s Club of Pottstown. In the afternoon, I plan to make full use of my Disney movie collection as the forecast is calling for rain. With a little luck, she’ll be too busy having fun to care about what her Mama’s doing.