Garland or Drawstring Purse

For 2 years, I have had my eye on SewSpun‘s Peppermint yarn.

Picture courtesy of SewSpun

The not-too-Christmasy raspberry yarn plied with snowy white wool always made me think of the Christmas Eve poem and sugar plums dancing.

Last month, I caved and purchased the yarn. Though I was so certain I would knit it up into garland the day it arrived in the mail, it has sat on our dining table for 3 weeks now.

I’m paralyzed by the possibilities this yarn holds. It would make a lovely drawstring bag to carry my phone, chapstick and keys. Plus, it would warm up my hands in a pinch being a lovely wool.

Since this is an OOK yarn, one of a kind, the pattern needs to have no real ending. I plan to stop knitting when I run out of yarn.

So, what would you knit: garland or a bag? Maybe you would knit something all together different. Don’t say a scarf though!

A side note to KGDC readers living in the Pottstown area: a call for help has gone out to restock the local food pantries. Drop off points for non-perishable food and laundry detergent in the Pottstown Borough include the Mercury office, the Cluster (Pottstown’s local food pantry), Boneyard Joe’s, Grumpy’s and Evergreen Consignment.


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