Sunday Snapshots (of Elly knitting)

You read that right.

Elly saw me knitting a rug on Thursday (more on that later). She begged me to let her help. Always thrilled to have Elly take an interest in my crafts, I showed her how to make a knit stitch. Afterwards, she asked me for a ball of yarn and needles.

Elly patiently wrapped the yarn around the needles.

She told me that she was knitting me a scarf.


Strands of Yarn

A few months ago at a yard sale, I bought 4 bags of yarn.

On the way home, I thought of all the projects I could use the little odd balls of yarn in, starting with another skirt for Elly.

As is often my habit, I took my loot over to my neighbor’s house to show her my good fortune. As I pulled it out of the bags, my heart sunk. Something was dreadfully wrong.

These bags weren’t filled with little balls of yarn. The yarn had been meticulously cut into strands measuring a yard long. It must have taken hours to cut it up. Why would anybody do such a thing? More importantly, what was I going to do with a bunch of yarn strands?

My neighbor was equally bewildered. Yet, she said there was nothing to be done for it. If I wanted to use the yarn, I would have to tie it back together. Unfortunately, anything I knit with the yarn would have a thousand knots in it.

She was right, but I didn’t love the idea. So, I did nothing for a month with the hope that I would come up with a better plan.

Watching Elly play with the fabric boa I made her for last Christmas gave me the inspiration I needed.

I had used this tutorial to make it. It was lovely because it required no sewing. I just tied strips of fabric to a foundation strip of fabric measuring the length of the boa.

Now what little girl doesn’t need a drawer full of boas? Hopefully, I’ll finish this one in time for Christmas as well.

The funny thing is the yarn strands have to be cut even shorter. It works best when they are about a foot long. Since some of the yarn is slippery, I double knot them onto the foundation yarn, which is nothing but 4 strips of thick t-shirt yarn measuring 60 inches in length. Elly loves using scissors so she is our big helper.

Garland or Drawstring Purse

For 2 years, I have had my eye on SewSpun‘s Peppermint yarn.

Picture courtesy of SewSpun

The not-too-Christmasy raspberry yarn plied with snowy white wool always made me think of the Christmas Eve poem and sugar plums dancing.

Last month, I caved and purchased the yarn. Though I was so certain I would knit it up into garland the day it arrived in the mail, it has sat on our dining table for 3 weeks now.

I’m paralyzed by the possibilities this yarn holds. It would make a lovely drawstring bag to carry my phone, chapstick and keys. Plus, it would warm up my hands in a pinch being a lovely wool.

Since this is an OOK yarn, one of a kind, the pattern needs to have no real ending. I plan to stop knitting when I run out of yarn.

So, what would you knit: garland or a bag? Maybe you would knit something all together different. Don’t say a scarf though!

A side note to KGDC readers living in the Pottstown area: a call for help has gone out to restock the local food pantries. Drop off points for non-perishable food and laundry detergent in the Pottstown Borough include the Mercury office, the Cluster (Pottstown’s local food pantry), Boneyard Joe’s, Grumpy’s and Evergreen Consignment.

More Yarn Needed

Perhaps I should be more specific because I am always in need of more yarn. I have yet to meet a knitter who has enough yarn.

My recent lack of yarn was in reference to the hexagon blanket I am knitting. I had neither enough Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica nor enough Crystal Yarns Taos wool to complete the blanket. Thus, when my LYS, the Yarn Gallery, sent me an email announcing their 10-year anniversary sale, I made plans to visit the store with Elly.

Elly was smitten with their two dogs.

I was smitten with their yarn selection.

I walked away with more Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica. To replace the Taos, my neighbor Janet, who just happens to work at my LYS, recommended Noro. It doesn’t match the Taos exactly, but I didn’t really want it to. The new colors will add more eye candy.

Booty from Pottstown Knit Out

Saturday’s snow storm only managed to delay the start of the Pottstown Knit Out by 2 hours.

I arrived minutes before my class started, giving the organizers a bit of a scare. But, I couldn’t resist taking Elly out in the snow. Once outside, I noticed my 91-year-old neighbor’s walkway had not been shoveled. Refusing to let her do it herself, I took my helpers over to clear her sidewalk and driveway.

I will no longer roll my eyes when Dan informs me he really wants to buy a snow blower. Shoveling snow is hard work! I fully support his decision now.

Back to my story of the Knit Out …. My class went great. All attendees agreed that charts finally made sense. It gave me such a great feeling.

Knowing I barely have time to knit these days, I did not buy any of the gorgeous yarns seen. Instead I bought me a new knitting bag.

Isn’t it wonderful? It’s handmade by Ruth Raisner. Get your Phillies bag here.

Go Phillies!