Excited and Nervous

My sister-in-law just announced that she is getting married in September. Her fiance is a good man. I’m so happy for her.

I’m giddy for me!

Within minutes of Dan relaying the news to me, I had dress ideas spinning in my head. Two days later, the ideas have been cemented, patterns decided upon, stash rooted through and missing fabric and notions purchased. Would you like to see?

I’m so excited!

Elly’s dress pattern was taken from Sewing Clothes Kids Love.

It’s the Manhattan Special Occasion Dress.

I just love the twirly skirt, ribbon lacing and sweet collar.

My dress pattern is Simplicity 1910.

You’ll notice that it has some of the same elements, like the ribbon lacing and the full skirt.

Here’s where the nervousness comes in. The fanciest dress I ever sewn was made a few years ago. I wore it recently on our Disney cruise.

Here is a better picture of the dress.

It’s fully lined, but other than that it’s a very simple design.

The dress patterns I have chosen have 4 skirts. 4! They have an overskirt (lace), the main skirt, an underskirt (tulle) and a lining. OK. So the patterns don’t call for all those skirts, but I think they’re essential in creating a fun party dress. The bodice of Simplicity 1910 uses boning. I’ve never used boning. The Manhattan dress has enough pieces to make your head spin. Ack!

But, I think I’m more excited than nervous. I would love any advice you have on dressmaking. I already picked up Couture Sewing from Amazon to guide me through all the rough patches because I know there are going to be several.

2 thoughts on “Excited and Nervous

  1. Your dress is lovely! (the one with you and Dan)

    And the next dress(es) are going to be exquisite, I’m sure. Are you making yours and Ellie’s from the same fabrics?

    I used boning once in a party dress and it is not difficult to use…just follow directions, etc.

    Good luck and I know they will be perfect; pls show pictures as the dresses progress.

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