A Scarf for Me

I am allotted only 10 minutes or so a day to knit on the hexagon blanket. So, naturally I cast on a 2nd project because as Dan likes to say “Marie, you have a magical timepiece. You always think there is more time in a day than there really is.”

He’s a realist and terribly practical to boot. How is that any fun?

Want to see how far along I’ve come on my long scarf?

(Can you tell she’s my daughter? A little bit more dexterity in her hands and I’m going to have another knitter in the household).

Well, maybe there is some basis to Dan’s belief.

It is a short row scarf, titled Self-Twist Scarf. I received the pattern at the Pottstown Knit Out. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the exact pattern on Ravelry to share with you. But, this one looks similar.

I am knitting it in Malabrigo’s Worsted Merino verde, a lovely dark green.


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