No Craft Projects Yet

Elly is officially a toddler now. Yesterday she walked more than she crawled. She is learning new words everyday. The word Wow has become her favorite word to say kicking Jake’s name out of the #1 slot. Like most toddlers, Elly has found ways to make Dan and I question our ability to get her to her 2nd birthday. Case in point, she can now turn on the cold water faucet in the bath without even getting into the tub. Oh joy!

With her curiosity peaked and new skills developing, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce Elly to the world of crafting. At Target, I picked her up a set of washable markers designed for children 18 months and older. Elly is 13 months old, a mere 5 months difference.

Apparently, a lot can happen in 5 months. Elly squashed my dreams of sending out art masterpieces to family members only seconds after unwrapping the markers. She stuffed them directly into her mouth and then proceeded to color her face rather than the paper I had bought.

The next craft project, making cards, went just as poorly. I’ll have to wait for Elly to get past her oral fixation before we tackle anything else.

No matter. I will still be taking Elly with me to AC Moore’s grand opening in Pottstown on Sunday. I’m thrilled to have a craft store opening so close to home. In the warm weather, it should be no more than a 10 minute bike ride.

If nothing else, I can buy more yarn for Elly and I to play with.

Plus with a little luck, I’ll win their grand prize: free crafts for a year (valued at $500). 


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