Effort equals Results (in a perfect world)

This is the first year in 3 years that I expect high yields from my vegetable garden.

In order to thrive, gardens require a lot of time and effort, both of which have been in short supply. I have some pretty good excuses though.

2 years ago I became pregnant with Elly. Since I felt like death warmed over the entire 1st trimester, not much besides my tomatoes got planted. Preparing Elly’s room took priority once I did start to feel better. When the tomato plants got too big for their cages, I just let them lop over and take over the walkways. Though my yield was high that summer, many of the tomatoes rotted on the ground out of reach.

Last year revolved around the birth of Elly. The garden was basically allowed to grow wild. The tomato plants that did grow did not bear a lot of fruit. But I was thrilled to have anything at all.

This year shall be much different. I’ve already put in more time and effort than the past two years combined. Not only did I manage to plant 65 onion plants, but I managed to plant them on time.

Between now and Mother’s Day in May, I’ll be adding the following veggies to my raised beds:
tomatoes, of course
butternut squash

It doesn’t look like a lot, but it should keep me busy during harvest time.

Elly will be happy. She loves it when I have an excuse to take her outside.

Yes, she’s eating dirt again.