Protesting the Cold

It snowed yesterday. It rained the day before that. It might snow again over the weekend.

If it’s cold enough to snow, it’s too cold to garden.

Walking Jake in this weather is only fun for Jake.

Elly stays warm with the handmade wool blanket she received from a colleague of my MIL. The blanket was made from wool that the woman, also named Elizabeth and thus the reason for her wanting to make something for my little girl, hand-dyed and handspun.

Riding the bike only makes it feel colder so that’s out too.

This house is starting to take on the shape of a pumpkin shell. Why hasn’t Spring sent Old Man Winter packing? Elly and I want to go out and play!


Laundry Day

It seems like every day is laundry day.

Elly’s cloth diapers have to be washed every other day. Then there are the towels, sheets, Elly’s clothes, and our clothes. With all the trips I make up and down our basement stairs going to and fro the laundry room, I’ll never need to buy a StairMaster.

Our washer and dryer are ancient. They came with the house and the gnomes only know when the previous owners bought them. It sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m actually shocked with their durability. They have taken on the extra load and presumable wear and tear without a hiccup.

Frankly, out of all the appliances that came with the house, only the refrigerator sounds like it’s on its last legs. It started making a horrible rattle months ago, but thus far the darn thing refuses to die. Perhaps it hangs around because it loves all the attention it gets from Elly.