One Car Status Maintained

During our engagement and the first years of our marriage, we had 2 cars. However, once we moved to an apartment that was within walking distance to the train station, my car sat idle. When the battery died, we donated it rather than maintain a car I only used once a month.

Since Pottstown hasn’t had a train running through town in many years, I had come to rely on a bicycle to get me from point a to point b. Unfortunately, Elly won’t be road worthy until she is one year old. Her neck just isn’t strong enough to handle the bumps of the road until then.

At first, I was only taking her places that were within walking distance from home. Then came the day when I needed to travel outside the mile radius surrounding our home in order to attend a doctor’s appointment. I mentioned it to Dan and he complained about having to rent a car again. It started to make sense for us to buy a 2nd car just to avoid the rental fees. Determined that there was another way, I looked into public transportation.

I had known for years that Pottstown had a bus system. What I didn’t know is how extensive the system was. Come to find out I could get almost anywhere within the town limits along with a few shopping plazas right outside of Pottstown.

The day I took my first bus ride with Elly was so empowering. I didn’t need to wait until Dan returned home with our only car. I didn’t need to rely on our local Enterprise. I could get to all my favorite stores in Pottstown anytime during the day that I wanted.

No more did I have to listen to Dan’s request/plea for a 2nd car. The day I relayed my bus ride experience to Dan was the very day that he conceded defeat.

I had won. We shall keep our 1-car status.


3 thoughts on “One Car Status Maintained

  1. I so wish I could see that little one in person- she has the sweetest, happiest smile! You did good, Marie. :)

    I’m glad you’re able to maintain a one-car status. If I had my druthers, I’d never drive again- but alas, our public transport here in Chatt is not as good as yours up in Pottstown.

    Anyway, glad to see you’re doing so well! :)

  2. Yay for you! I took the bus for years, in multiple cities. Then we moved to a town that has a horrible bus system!
    Glad to see another photo of Elly, she is growing!
    I’m about to start the Tour De Fleece, I *somehow* bought two pounds of Alpaca, I thought of you. I’ll be spinning that!
    Take care, and tweek her nose for me!

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