Converting Our Night Owl

Elly is a night owl. She doesn’t turn in for the night until 3am.

She started this habit about a month after she was born. Most of the info I read seemed to suggest that she would eventually grow out of it so I didn’t fight it. When Elly turned 4.5 months old, my patience began to wear thin. Enough was enough. I wanted to go to sleep with my husband and wake up sometime before noon.

With Dan on my side, I concocted a plan to wage war against Elly’s natural internal clock. The plan required us getting up at 7am no matter what time we went to bed the night before. The day was to be filled with a normal level of stimulation for Elly. At night, I would start my nursing and soothing regimen earlier.

The 1st night brought no change. The 2nd night saw little improvement as Elly went to sleep an hour earlier. The 3rd night we were back to status quo. The 4th night was the worst with Elly staying up till 4am.

It was after night 4 that I waved the white flag.

Little Elly has won Round 1.

Dan and I need to regroup and come up with a plan B.

4 thoughts on “Converting Our Night Owl

  1. I was born at 12:08am. My mom said I was a natural night owl for many many months. Finally, my paternal grandmother was visiting and decided to take matters into her own hands. She laid me on my back, grabbed my ankles, and flipped me lengthwise onto my stomach. It’s an old wives tale and according to my mother, worked. Your mileage may vary. :)

    Best of luck. Although I’ll tell you, she’s likely to always be a night owl when she gets older. I still prefer to stay up late rather than get up early. :)

  2. Oh Marie! This is not a fun situation for you. Michelle was like that – I kept her awake for 2 full days by washing her face all the time (she hated that) and eventually got to a human schedule.
    Elly certainly has her own mind, but she’s the cutest thing ever! Have you tried keeping her awake as long as humanly possible (say until 10 pm) and then just letting her cry it out? Its WAY harder on you than on her, but should work within a couple of days. I finally just got tired of being tired.
    Whatever you decide, eventually she will be on a better day/night schedule. Love you.

    1. Hi Mom!
      Thanks for the advice.
      It’s funny how Elly is like Michelle in a few ways. She scratches her sheets too. lol.
      I’m not sure how much I can change her schedule whilst she is still cluster feeding at night. I swear she gets half her sleep during that stretch. Oh well. I’ll keep trying to tweak her.
      Not sure if I can give up all her naps … I so look forward to them. Most of the time I lay down with her. And yet I would really love to get her onto a more normal schedule. Why can’t this be easy?

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