Great Ending to Summer of Love and an Heirloom

I received my 3rd and final package for the Summer of Love swap.

100 More Afghan Squares to Knit book
Vogue Knitting magazine
Honey Bee pouch
Birthday cake measuring tape (Isn’t it the cutest?)
Silkroad Aran Tweed by Jo Sharp
Evolution by Chameleon Colorworks

Close up pics of the yarn:

The best part about this package isn’t the yarn or the cute measuring tape. The best part is that the package didn’t come in the mail. It was hand delivered by my swap partner – to be known henceforth as Tamsie. Isn’t Tamsie a better name than Piney? I think so too even though I am partial to trees.

Tamsie was in town for the Philadelphia Folk Festival, so we had lunch together at the Brick House on High Street. It was wonderful to finally meet the person behind all the lovely packages. She was even nice enough to haul my package back to my house, since there was no way it was all going to fit in my little bike pouch. So, even Jake got to meet Tamsie. He wasn’t even the slightest bit disappointed that she didn’t have a bone to give him. You see, he has all the delivery men trained in town from the mailmen to the UPS guy. They all know to bring Jake a little bone when they stop by.

Thank you, Tamsie!

The very next day after meeting Tamsie, my neighbor bestowed one of her family heirlooms to me. Let me back up and tell you the whole story. About a week ago, I found a thread rack in Walmart of all places. I was ecstatic. I bought it immediately. I had coveted a thread rack ever since I saw it on Flossie Teacake’s blog. Well, of course, I had to dash over and tell my neighbor about it. Imagine my surprise when she announced that her husband had made her a thread rack many years ago. It was downstairs in her basement. So, we trekked down into her basement. It wasn’t a thread rack. It was a complete sewing cabinet. She asked me to take it. I politely refused. Her husband had made it. It should go to one of her daughters or her grandchildren. She insisted her daughters didn’t want it and her grandchildren were all boys. It wasn’t being used except by the house spiders. She wanted it to go to somebody who would appreciate it. We agreed to think about it for a few days.

A few days later, I took cookies over to her. She asked me again to take the cabinet. I willingly agreed.

The lid does fold open to provide a longer working surface. However, the sewing machine as well as the mechanism to support the machine was removed leaving a gaping hole. So for now, it will remain folded up.

The thread rack which started the whole journey:


5 thoughts on “Great Ending to Summer of Love and an Heirloom

  1. You definately had a great swap partner – what lovely gifts she chose for you!

    And your neighbor was right – she did give this to someone who would appreciate it.

  2. Oh my!! You are blessed many times over. What a great swap partner! And your neighbor knew that you would enjoy and treasure this as it was meant to be.

  3. Awww, what a nice post. If I were your neighbor, I would want someone to love my sewing cabinet, she did the right thing for both of you.

  4. Great gifts, I loved hearing the story behind the sewing cabinet.

    Opps sorry I forgot to fill in the information on who is commenting. I’m the
    anonymous on the last few comments ;).

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