Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I love a white Christmas as much as anybody, but it’s the middle of August. So, a green Christmas it will be.

Which is to say – in one of my favorite Southern sayings – I am spitting distance from being done.

I finished sewing on the last of the buttons this morning. There are only a few more embellishments left to attach to the Christmas tree skirt.

The back side of the tree skirt:

Left to do:
Finish knitting the last i-cord.

Sew the i-cord in place.
Sew 8 felted stars inside of the i-cord bow.
Sew 6 star beads in place. (OK, so I cheated in the first picture. Those gold stars are just resting on the tree skirt. Sue me.)

If you’re in town next week, stop by. I’ll be decking a Christmas tree. I think Dan is more excited than I am.


7 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Green Christmas

  1. Congrats!! It’s looking awesome! Can’t wait to see it done!

    Oh, and when I took pics of my tree skirt for my pattern, I only set up the bottom row of branches. :) I was able to get the shots I needed without all the other branches. Just a hint if you need it!

  2. I must say you really have a great tree skirt here, I don’t even think you will need to trim the tree, everyone will be looking under it!

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