Christmas Came and Went

It was a whirlwind of a Christmas. The tree went up and came down all in 1 day.

It was a bit of a ho-hum Christmas, since there were no presents to unwrap. Poor Jake wasn’t even allowed to supervise the photo taking, since he had tried to help with the show-and-tell of the skirt by walking over the outside sections to sit in the center.

Despite the minor complaints which include the suffocating heat of the attic where the tree is kept, it was a great day. I just wanted to shout from the rooftop that I had finished the tree skirt before the real Christmas will arrive.

Alas, I miss the tree already. It made me sad to have to fold the skirt up and store it away in the cedar closet. I just love Christmas.

For those interested, the pattern for the tree skirt is in the hands of a tech editor. It will be self-published in late September.

And on a personal note: Dan was in a fender bender on Friday. He’s fine. No bumps or bruises. He was a bit shaken up a few hours after the accident when reality sunk in, but he was in better spirits by Saturday. The car, however, is in the body shop. The bumper was almost completely torn off. To relay the entire story, Dan was pulling out from the side of the street where he had parked his car and into the lane of traffic. He looked both ways and didn’t see anybody within range, so he pulled out. Next thing he knew, he had hit a car. A gentleman who had seen the whole thing unfold ran over to Dan to inform him that the other car had run the stop sign, which accounted for why he came out of nowhere.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Came and Went

  1. You should be very proud – your tree skirt came out beautifully! Really special.

    Glad no injuries in the fender bender. Just goes to show getting in the car is dangerous.

  2. Well that’s just lovely! You must be so pleased.

    Too bad about the accident, and thank goodness that gentlemen saw the driver run the stop sign. Hopefully he got charged with the accident. And I’m glad no one was hurt.

  3. Merry Christmas! The skirt came out just beautiful! I always miss the tree when we take it down, too. Wouldn’t it be fun to have it all year? So sorry about the car, I’m really glad Dan is OK. Cars can be fixed.

  4. Wonderful – what an awesome sight your tree skirt is. I love Christmas too and didn’t get to decorate last year so I’m planning a biggie this year :o)

  5. It looks great Marie! I think it’s awesome that you got your tree out to see it all set up. I’m not sure my husband would have liked that idea too much! It will be so much better when you get to leave it up for awhile!

  6. Wow I know Christmas’s seem to be passing faster and faster, but whew…
    Seriously the tree skirt is beautiful.
    And a fender bender, it really was like Christmas, traffic and all.

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