Keeping My Needles

I had boasted before our trip to Tennessee that if I didn’t complete the last tie of my knitted tree skirt, someone could take away my needles.

You’ll have to pry them from my dead, cold hands first. I’m keeping my needles.

Not only did I finish knitting the last tie of my tree skirt, I knit another i-cord (that will become a bow on one of the white ties) and I started and finished knitting a pillow cover. Perhaps I should be stuck in a car for 22 hours at least once a month. I would knit more than I usually do.

The final tie:

The i-cord:

The odd-shaped pillow cover:

The reason for its odd shape is so that I can weave the knitted strips together like a basket. I’m not sure if this crazy idea will work or not. It popped into my head. I was stuck in a car with no book to read (I had finished it), no more ties to knit and nowhere to lean my head for a nap. It seemed perfectly rational at the time. Of course, walking home also seemed perfectly reasonable. I take back what I said earlier. It would not be good if I was stuck in a car once a month for 22 hours.

Did you notice something else about the pillow besides the odd shape?
The cream yarn is my 1st handspun yarn.


9 thoughts on “Keeping My Needles

  1. Oh, Marie!!! I am so glad no one has to pry your needles out of your hands!!! I’ll bet it feels good to have the tree skirt completed AND a new pillow design getting created. I think it will be very cute, btw.

  2. woohoo! congrats on finishing the last tie. I was thinking of you during my lunchbreak today as I cross-stitched a Christmas ornament for Christmas stockings… nothing like Christmas in July!

  3. Marie, I simply can’t wait to see the tree skirt finished! It seems like I’ve been there since the beginning.

    Definitely let us know how the pillow cover works out… it seems like an intriguing idea, and hopefully it’ll work out the way you want it to!

  4. Using your first handspun. I think this requires a moment of silence.

    I bet you will be pleased with the woven effect…. Congratualtions on finishing the final tie :)

  5. Thank goodness, you were making me sweat on this one. It looks lovely, cream yarn knitted up great! I haven’t knitted any of mine.
    I can’t wait to see it altogether, sometimes I hate the finishing part of knitting, but this looks like it will be exciting to see it come together.

  6. Oh my that is a very productive set of 22 hours! Hope the woven cover looks good.

    By the way don’t worry about the biking I’m not missing out – I’ve got myself a trike!

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