Last Night’s Storm and Other Pics

The storms started rolling into the area around 4 pm yesterday. While looking out the kitchen window, I notice how stunning the clouds looked. I ran and got my camera.

Can you see the bird flying to safety?

As pretty as the storm was to watch, I would have been upset had it not watered my garden sufficiently and had it not broke the heat wave. The storm did not disappoint. Jake and I were able to take a longer walk than usual due to the cooler temperatures. I plan to do absolutely nothing in my garden this afternoon. Nothing but sit underneath the oak tree and read a book.

Speaking of the oak tree, I took photos of it in Spring when it was in full bloom. Recently, I had one of the photos developed and framed.

I’m thinking of hanging it in our bedroom (We have a total of 3 pictures in the bedroom right now. Maybe another photo will help it to not look so sparse. I’m not much for the minimalist look.)

And because I couldn’t resist, I had a picture of my favorite lilac bush blown up.

I feel a bit silly hanging pictures that I’ve taken of our garden on our walls, but I’m sick and tired of looking at bare walls. Something had to be done.