A Vegetable Garden planted

There is something besides just dirt in my raised bed!

The following seeds or seedlings were planted on Saturday:

9 Roma tomato seedlings
2 Big Boy tomato seedling
3 store-bought Strawberry seedlings
3 wild strawberry seedlings from the patch growing in my backyard (I’m not sure how this patch came to be, but it is starting to take over a large swath of land behind my Sweet Gum tree. I may have to do something about it in the next year or so).
Several bulbs from 1 onion set
1 seed packet of Anise
1 seed packet of Mint (Ostracized in the small container to the right of the raised bed because mint has a nasty reputation)

Though I wanted to plant pumpkin squash (Neck pumpkins), Dan was adamant that I not plant pumpkins of any sort in the bed. He said it would ruin my garden, since they are a hearty and invasive plant. Determined to have enough strawberries to make jam, I opted to forgo fresh pumpkin. I won’t have any other plant undermining my jam efforts.

The amount of tomato plants may seem large, but I have yet to plant enough to make one large batch of homemade tomato sauce or tomato soup without supplementing the recipe with store-bought canned tomatoes. Three years ago, I had dreams of canning my own tomatoes. I assumed that tomatoes were a very prolific plant, similar to a zucchini plant. Alas, it’s not so. Part of the problem, perhaps, lays on my head. I love tomatoes. I am a firm believer that tomatoes make everything taste better. Of course, some of the tomatoes don’t even make it into the house. What sort of a cook would I be if I didn’t sample the ingredients? Rather than try to eat fewer tomatoes, I decided that my only option was to plant more tomatoes. Here’s hoping 11 tomato plants is enough to quench my appetite.

Every morning before I venture into the garden, I have been knitting a few rows on my Happy Marriage lace design.

It is slowly starting to take shape.


6 thoughts on “A Vegetable Garden planted

  1. Don’t worry you haven’t overdone it on your tomatoes. I planted 18! Never even thought about fresh tomato soup. Can you share your recipes?

  2. Glad to be back in knitting land, Your garden looks great and makes me feel guilty, also love the lace design and color!

  3. I’m so impressed with all your hard work. You’re putting me to shame – I’ve got all of my seeds still waiting to be put in the ground!

  4. Way to go with your garden, Marie!!! And I really like the marriage shawl so far. Is the design in your head or is this a pattern? Just curious. Can’t wait to see how many ‘maters you end up with. :)

  5. That’s a pretty cheery color for your happy marriage design. I also love tomatos. I have a wonderful gaspatcho (sp?) receipe (cold tomato soup) if you are interested.

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