World Series Wager

As you know, my beloved Phillies are in the World Series. I have loved and hated this team ever since high school, which is a good many years ago.

I am confident that my Phillies will win the Series. So confident that I gladly agreed to make a wager with a fellow blogger, Tracie of Fibers by Tracie.

Though I have never met Tracie, I have long regarded her as a friend. I have been reading her blog for over a year now and have come to know her well. I came across her blog on the day that she resigned from her day job and decided to devote her time and energy into becoming a crochet designer. We have shared tips, tricks, what-not-to-dos, and encouraging words.

I am sad to say that Tracie is rooting for the wrong team in the World Series. So, she lives in Florida. That is not a good enough excuse to root for the Tampa Bay Rays. Everybody should be rooting for my boys.

The past few days I have been leaving ‘Go Phillies’ comments on her blog and she has reciprocated with leaving ‘Go Rays’ on my blog. Grrr. So, a wager was set.

If the Phillies win, which of course they are going to, Tracie will display the Phillies logo prominently on her blog’s sidebar.

Should pigs fly and the Rays actually win, I am obligated to post the Rays logo on my blog. The logo will remain up for one month. A stomach-churning thought that is. Let’s not think about that. My boys are going to win – by gosh!

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