Jake’s Birthday Presents

Yesterday was Jake’s birthday! He is 5 years old now.

Rather than traditional dog gifts, Jake received two chestnut tree saplings and a record player.

In a word – boring.

Ungrateful lout.

Giggle. OK. I’ll confess; the gifts were for me. They just happened to arrive on Jake’s birthday.

The trees were planted straight away. I took care of the digging, watering, and mulching while Jake supervised to ensure everything was done to spec. I have named them Cleo and Mark in the hopes that they will be renowned lovers – as Cleopatra and Mark Antony were – and lavish me with a huge crop of chestnuts every year.

It may take a while for the first batch of chestnuts to be realized. They are awfully small right now.

Later that evening, I played my record player for both Jake and Dan. Enthusiasm waned in each of their responses. I tried to live without one; I honestly did. My old record player died approximately a month ago. I piled up all my LPs and stored them in the office. I pulled out my CD collection and and drug it into the kitchen with the hopes they would help me forget. The trick worked for about a week. Yet, there is no lap over between the two collections. None of my CDs include artists from my LP collection and vice verse. I could, as many people have done, purchase CD versions of all the LPs that I own. Yet, it seems like a waste of good money. I already own the music. Why should I buy it again? Plus, I would lose the sound of the vinyl and the joy I get from finding old LPs for sale.

I caved. I bought a Crosley stack-able record player (model #CR85) from Second Chance Crosleys.

It’s so wonderful to be able to listen to my LP’s again.


6 thoughts on “Jake’s Birthday Presents

  1. Was Jake mid yawn. That pic of him is too funny.
    We are the same with LP’s. We have very few duplkicates in CD abnd still have a very old turntable and a more modern one. That reminds me of when my son had the old turntable playing. I said skip that track and try another and he said how. I was amazed that he didn’t now how. Well why should he know about the little lines between tracks. He’s never known anything other than a CD.

  2. Oh! Enjoy those LP’s!!! We have one record player, but will sell it at the garage sale now as we have all our LP’s framed and on the family room walls (for the time being). Yeah, we’re old and goofy.

    Happy birthday (late) Jake!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Jake!! Good Boy!
    Although your gifts are nice I understand your disappointment.
    Better luck next year.

  4. Oh, how pretty! The Happy Marriage design is just gorgeous! Waiting-waiting to start planting here…another week should do it. I’m anxious to get some annuals planted and add a few perennials to our corner raised bed.


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